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we are dedicated to redefining the concept of healing and wellness.

At The Dawning Institute, we are dedicated to pioneering innovation in adult whole person healing and wellness through the integration of body, mind, and soul practices.

we are dedicated to redefining the concept of healing and wellness.

Our integrative approach encompasses a wide range of modalities, including mindfulness practices, nutritional healing, movement therapies, energy work, and lifestyle coaching.

Membership Tiers

The membership fee is waived for those who qualify for reduced rates or free services

$50 per year

Basic membership tier providing access to all group classes and individual sessions
Choose plan ($50)

$250  per year

Enhanced membership tier offering additional perks such as exclusive workshops, discounts on additional services
priority scheduling for individual sessions
If local, our professional chef will teach and guide an in-person class through healthy meal prep and cooking to a max party of (5) free of charge
Choose plan ($250)

$500 per year

Premium membership tier with exclusive benefits including personalized coaching sessions,
VIP event access
recognition as a sponsor of our wellness community
If local, our professional chef will prepare and serve a complete 3 course nutrition focused meal to a max party of (5) free of charge.
Choose plan ($500)

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"Dawn institute has been a game-changer in my journey towards wellness. Their holistic approach has helped me find balance, inner peace, and a renewed sense of purpose."

Richart Brown
Prohject Manager

"Kathryn is so patient and kind. She can see right through the low vibe emotions and bring awareness to the real issues and limiting beliefs. I come out in a better state with every conversation I have with her.."

Sarah Brown

"Oh my goodness. She is the kindest and most Compassionate unifier I've ever spoken with. She is very intuitive and really quick to get to the root issues but she does it so gently She really puts you at ease. To me she is an angel."

will & racheal

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